Executive Summary

The UAE continues to make a significant humanitarian contribution in Afghanistan, and has done so since 2003. Through organizations such as the Red Crescent, the generous donations made by UAE citizens and volunteers have contributed to the construction of:

  • 11 schools educating 300 students per day;
  • 6 medical clinics which have treated 35,000 Afghani patients;
  • Zayed University, Afghanistan, serving over 6,400 students per year;
  • a major hospital with an annual capacity of 7,000 patients;
  • 38 mosques each providing a prayer service for over 300 people;
  • a general public library serving more than 400 students and visitors per day;
  • accommodation in Zayed City for 200 displaced families;
  • 160 wells providing healthy drinking water.

Privately, the UAE people have contributed US$22 million for food, medicine and basic relief projects providing housing and shelter in Afghanistan. In addition, the UAE Red Crescent has invested US$19 million in local projects, and the UAE Government has dedicated US$30 million to international reconstruction efforts in the country.