Evidence of ProgressEvidence of Progress

So far, international organizations such as UNICEF and its partners have:

  • Immunized over five million children against polio and delivered millions of vitamin A supplements;
  • Provided access to safe water and sanitary facilities for over 500,000 Afghanis;
  • Provided five new salt iodization plants to reduce iodine deficiency;
  • Established therapeutic feeding programs in 20 hospitals to address malnutrition;
  • Trained 30,000 teachers and supplied educational materials for 4.87 million students.

School enrolments are also increasing. Assisted by the work of international organizations and members of the international community, over 6 million students attended the first day of the school year in Afghanistan in March 2008. This included approximately 800,000 children who have been enrolled in school for the first time. It is also estimated that over 90,000 women across Afghanistan will be encouraged to learn how to read and write for the first time through 3,500 literacy centres that have been established by UNICEF and its partner organizations.

UAE organizations have also established community-based schools in a number of provinces that are making an invaluable contribution to the future of Afghanistan’s children, and the development of literacy and basic skills.