Need for a military support

In accordance with the UAE Constitution, the UAE’s Armed Forces can, and will, only be used for defensive purposes. The work of the UAE Armed Forces in Afghanistan is guided by this principle, and personnel are focused on the protection of humanitarian initiatives and the provision of safety and stability for local communities. Through its work in Afghanistan, the UAE seeks to extend the protections it offers its own citizens at home, in the area of national security, to the citizens of Afghanistan during its current period of need.

The UAE Armed Forces are also directly involved in culturally- sensitive community development activities, alongside representatives of key humanitarian organizations such as the Red Crescent. The language skills and cultural awareness of UAE Armed Forces personnel represent a significant advantage in the delivery of effective community development initiatives in a Muslim country such as Afghanistan. The construction of mosques and provision of observance materials by UAE Armed Forces personnel, for example, meets a specific cultural need of the local community and is considered to be an essential element of successful community development in many parts of Afghanistan.

The Government of the UAE is proud of the important work its humanitarian and Armed Forces personnel have been conducting in Afghanistan since 2003. Despite the ongoing need, recent achievements in healthcare, education and the provision of basic infrastructure can in part be directly and indirectly attributed to the work of the UAE Armed Forces in the provision of safety, stability and culturally-sensitive community development.