Your messages to soliders

"May God protect you and return you safely to your families."

Max | United Arab Emirates

"Protectors of our land. Aiding those in need, all over the world. You are the sons of Zayed, and Emarates, which make us all proud. God bless you, and look over you. "

Thabet AL Qaissieh | Abu Dhabi- U.A.E.


Faisal Abdul Hameed | UAE

"Keep up the good work"

Khaled | UAE

"Those of us from the far corners of the world who call the UAE home have much to be thankful for, not the least of which is the bravery and commitment of UAE soldiers. We are so proud of you! Stay safe and come home soon."

Elan | UAE

"thank you so much for caring for these people in such distress and danger. I pray they will see how the UAE lives in peace and enjoyment and strive to be like you. I pray for your safety in all your missions. "

susan kam | united states of america

"Dear Brothers "

shabbir ahmed siddiqui | United Arab Emirates

"We are proud of you and of your noble job. Keep it up, heroes!"

Emad Abu Ayyash | Jordan

"GOD bless you, we all proud of you and Insha Allah you all will come to the country safe "

bent zayed | UAE

"I hope u all the best in serving ur country and ur islamic nation May allah bless u"

ahmed | uae

"Wishing your safe return, and God bless you all."

khaled | UAE

"You makes proud... May Allah shadow his protection over YOU in our country's mission to GOODNESS.. We are with you in thoughts "

Yousuf279 | UAE

"May almighty gives peace and courage to u and ur family..."

Abdul Azeez | UAE

"Well done and keep it aup."

Rafaqat Ali Malik | UAE

"We are really proud of you you are representing your relegion, your nation, your presedint , your families, and yourselfs you are sons of Zayed who tought you how to assisst people anywhere anytime without getting benifit. go ahead brave hearts guys , and we are praying , allah saves you .. and let you get back to your nation and families"

Rashed | Australia

"All best wishes and may God bless each member of you."

Bilal Mohammad Hatamleh | Jordan

"Go on, heroew. May God protect you and protect your dear country, UAE. Your corage has become a role model and your efforts are much appreciated."

Emad Abu Ayyash | Jordan

"one more year and i will join you my brothers in helping for world peace, inshallah i be able to make my country proud like what you did, remember this letter because i will become something in uae's army as i have the ability to make uae army one of the strongest and make uae most defended country ever existed and also keep its existance god bless you all and i will only stop protecting uae when i die and that wont happen by god's will. i cant say more but all that i can say is i now have pride in my country and i am more attached to my country than anything else because its the only thing that accepted me and i will return the favor."

mohammed alnuaimi | uae-abu dhabi

"God Bless our Soldiers "

Ayesha | UAE

"Your work and dedication is something which makes us all proud. God bless you all."

Khaled | United Arab Emirates

"UAE is one of the leading country in the world to help inesent people and I support what they are doing in afghanestan . Hope the best wishes to all the solders and there commanders and god save them"

Aldhaheri rashed | UAE

"We are praying for your safety and the safety of your families. Your courage and dedication make us proud."

Ahmed | United Arab Emirates